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We Combine Your Most Powerful Influence With The Most Powerful Medium... Video Reviews!

One of the biggest impacts that a potential customer can experience about your business is informative videos. Providing great sentiment to prospective customers, clients or even patients in the form of video can influence a decision over a competitor rather quickly.

Now, what if you don't have great reviews or any reviews at all? We've got you covered because Rank Mountain provides comprehensive Reputation Marketing campaigns that deliver! We train you and your staff, setup systems, market those reviews to your website and social networks and even rank the review commercials! But enough about what could be and lets delve into a new opportunity that was only available in our "Market Leader" reputation campaign..and here's what you get!

Review Video Case Study


What Would It Cost A Company To Create?

  • Hire A Professional Spokes Model
  • Stage A Hollywood Style Studio
  • Hire A Professional Videographer
  • Hire Make Up Artist
  • Hire A Video Editor
  • Hire Prime Time Graphics Animator
  • Video Optimization
  • Video Broadcasting
  • Social Media Syndication
  • $800.00 + Royalties
  • $750.00
  • $500.00
  • $175.00
  • $500.00
  • $400.00
  • $50
  • $200
  • $250


  • Hosted By Professional Spokes Models
  • Shot In Hollywood Style Studios
  • Prime Time Graphics And Animation
  • Green Screened Office Backgrounds
  • On Location iPad View Of 5 Star Review
  • Call To Action Close
  • Perfectly SEO Optimized
  • Add in customer video testimonial
  • Add in customer audio testimonial
  • Video Syndication
  • Social Media Syndication
  • Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ etc.
  • You'll Crush The Competition...
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Dentist Review Video

Dentist Review Video
FREE Competition Analysis Report

FREE Competition Analysis Report

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