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Rank Mountain PPC Management – Stop Your Ad Spend from Bleeding!

PPC or Pay Per Click advertising allows you to target your marketing budget to a focused campaign aimed at a selected audience. With PPC, you only pay for ad space when someone clicks on one of your ads. This Internet advertising model Pay-Per-Clickfunnels targeted traffic to your website through Google AdWords , Yahoo!’s Bing network and even Facebook Ads. The positioning of PPC advertising on a search engine’s page depends on several factors, including your organic ranking, how much you’re bidding for your targeted keywords, and the effectiveness of your SEO. Rank Mountain’s PPC Management services help you focus your PPC marketing for optimum success.

Unlike traditional, organic marketing, PPC has the advantage of boosting marketing efforts quickly. Rank Mountain can help you optimize your PPC efforts to achieve the results you desire. The main advantages of PPC are:

  • Direct clicks mean higher conversion rates
  • Flexibility- you can make instant adjustments to your targeted keywords
  • Fast results
  • Less time consuming than traditional marketing
  • Direct control of your marketing budget


Your message front and center

A PPC campaign allows you to target and attract specific groups of customers in an effective, affordable way. The nature of PPC means an effectively designed campaign offers one of the highest returns on investment of any type of online marketing. Your ads show up on multiple sites, across several platforms, increasing brand recognition and familiarity. PPC offers a variety of options for targeting, including device, location, language, scheduling, and keyword matching. When customers click your PPC ad, they are brought to your landing page, where you can convert them to leads via targeted action buttons like inquiry, purchase, or contact forms.

How we fit in for your Business

Our philosophy of PPC marketing is that, if the keywords are converting and delivering your expected results, they should further be expanded and properly managed to increase the benefits and exceed the expectations. PPC marketing is 20-StepsIGsomething where we can get immediate results, or even delayed results. But the choice is upon us.

Unlike other PPC marketers, we advise our clients to have a small set of keywords. This ensures that we (and the clients) are focusing on the conversion of those keywords and making sure they are the most relevant in the vertical and the geographic area that they have selected. This makes it easier for us to concentrate on achieving their targeted conversion rates, such as the cost per sale/lead.

While other services might focus on other metrics, such as the CTR and others, Rank Mountain makes sure that we’re focusing on the effectiveness of bids, media and the budget for our clients. We believe that these are the most important things to focus on and will go way ahead to deliver astonishing results to our clients. To make this possible, we make sure that each of our clients has an analyst who will provide recommendations and other strategies to provide the best bang for our clients’ budget. This includes different strategies (in case you were wondering).

Besides a dedicated analyst, we also provide different staff, such as copywriters, trainers, social media experts, and marketing. This will ensure that you have everything available on hand, and that you are able to access these services as you need them.

How We Manage Your Pay-Per-Click Campaigns, and Optimizing Your CPA’s

While providing all these services, we make sure that you are gaining the knowledge from us so that you can apply this on other ventures, and marketing campaigns. For a price quote, please contact us at (866) 472-6534.

The biggest thing that we like to focus on, is that the cost per click is as low as possible while increasing your conversions. This will reduce the cost, while still giving you the best results for your investment. We combine this with our cutting edge MountainWare software that calculates and lowers the cost per click 48 times every day (on average).

We target search and mobile based ads, while integrating different types of search tools that will further increase the effectiveness of your campaigns.

These are some of the tasks that we have inculcated and made sure that it is in our blood before your campaign goes live:PPC-Management

  1. Campaign Strategy: Once your account has been setup, we then construct different ad groups and campaigns (this will help you track everything).

  2. Research: We have a habit of doing the keyword research for you, whether you provide us the keywords or not. It is because we believe that research is always better to make sure that we are not leaving a single penny on the table.

  3. The Creatives: Pay Per Click campaigns are all about creativity and authenticity. Our management includes all of these. After the research, we develop different varieties of creative ads that include both text and photos that will attract your target audience like a magnet. But the ad is not enough. We help you set up appropriate landing pages that will further maximize the benefits of your spending.

  4. Improving: We never fold our arms and watch the results. We are continuously trying different things to improve your campaigns, and that includes the conversion of your landing pages.

  5. Tracking-Wracking: Without proper tracking no one can earn a single dime from their campaigns and trust us, most people are not tracking the exact metrics that they should be. We personally work with your staff, and make sure that we are tracking the exact conversions.

  6. Submitting your Ads: We never leave well-enough alone. We submit your ads to be finalized, then send them to the search programs of different search engines.

  7. Monitoring Setting: The most important thing is to monitor your daily spending, and the geographic area that you’re targeting. We monitor this for you.

  8. Managing Your Bids, and Tracking Your ROIs: Cost Per Click or CPC is the most important decision that one has to make before making their campaigns live. We monitor different ranges, and select the best CPC to maximize the revenue and meet your business goals. Just in case you didn’t already know, CPC is the cost that you pay when someone clicks on your ad.

  9. Sophistication: Our top of the line MountainWare software is the technology that makes us authentic and attractive to countless businesses out there. MountainWare tracks your keywords, and your competitors’, and then adapts to the things that they are doing. This also includes optimizing the average CPC, in which mostly reduces it to more than half of what others might be paying.

  10. Assessing and Recommendations: There is always room for improvement. We keep discovering different things about your ads, and recommend improvements that we think will perform much better than your competition. This includes images and the copy of your ad.

  11. SEO reports: Let’s just face the fact. We are doing these campaigns to improve and increase the traffic to your website, and also increase its audience breadth. This can be achieved by increasing its SEO ranking. We provide in-depth reports of the organic rankings of your website for the keywords that we are using in the ads.

  12. Monthly Analysis: Nothing can be achieved without proper analysis. We document everything and prepare a written document that includes all of the analytic reports of the PPC campaigns that you’ve run throughout the month, and then discuss different improvements on a conference call.

The expert staff with Rank Mountain understands how your business fits into a specific niche. Our highly technical skills will benefit your company. We monitor your campaign with PPC audits, and analyze the click through rate and conversions to ensure success. Our Tampa SEO firm will provide you with reports that measure the success of your keywords in reaching your target audience and let you know what can be changed to make them more relevant and helpful.Contact_Us_Button_sm

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