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Mini Audit

MountainView Mini-Audit

We’ll perform what could be a rather eye-opening audit on your PPC campaign. The Mini-Audit looks at various factors that we can see without needing access to your AdWords account. Imagine only being able to see the problems on the outside of a car. We can see low tire pressure, faded paint, broken wiper blades, body damage, broken taillight etc...however to see more pressing issues, we need to go under the hood.

Our tools give us “best guess” for some of the metrics. A Full Audit reviews “internal” metrics which require access to the Adwords account.

To qualify for a Mini-Audit, your company must have the following prerequisites:

  1. Have an active campaign running which an ad lands on the first page of a specified search result.
  2. Spending more than $8K per month in ad spend with Google


In-Depth Adwords Audit

If you are intrigued by your mini-audit, then you’ll love the full-audit. The Full Audit is a comprehensive analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of your account. It is a more accurate reporting of “perfect information”. Know if your account was setup following best practices and instantly realize how much room there is for improvement.

A Full-Audit will educate you on the gaps that need to be filled, if best practices are being followed and to learn about the missed opportunities and stop your Ad Spend from hemorrhaging money!

  • Save time performing account audits
  • 15 point account audit inspection
  • Know where the account needs help
  • Look like a rockstar
  • Knowledge is power
Full AdWords Audit

Statistics Report

Getting bogged down with confusing granular data that was daunting to digest and assimilate into usable reports?

  • One page easy to read report
  • Compare one month to any other month
  • Color coded changes
  • Quickly reveal progress gained or lost from one month to the next

Changes Report

Get a birds eye view of the aggregate changes made to the account so you instantly know what the team has been doing or not.

  • No more wondering what’s been done
  • Keep an eye on outsourcers or in-house teams
  • Re-evaluate your AdWords campaign
PPC Change Report

Click Fraud Accounting

Concerned about your competitors clicking your ads and driving up your cost? Stop them in their tracks and report to Google for a potential credit.

  • Know who’s clicking your ads!
  • Improve account performance
  • Track IP address, ISP, Geo location
  • Report to Google and potential get AdWords credit!
Clickfraud Reporting
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FREE Competition Analysis Report

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